18 Wheels of Justice

Album: Execution (2011)

Song: Last Man Standing

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, 18 Wheels of Justice is a metal band that delivers a punishing barrage of speed, articulation and raw energy. Brutal songwriting and thought provoking lyrics present an unabashed view into the pitfalls of modern day society. Listeners are enticed with shifting tempo changes, intriguing key progressions, and words that resonate with the political and social issues facing us all in the modern world. The band consists of dynamic front man Adam Sloan, guitarists Todd Harris and Steve "Aba" Abajoli, bassist Conor Anastasia, and drummer Sam Pothier.

18 Wheels of Justice's current opus, Execution, was released on August 1st, 2011. The new album embodies the bands original approach to metal, along with a vehement message condemning today's selfish, ignorant and corrupt populace. Execution follows the bands 2007 full length release, Deceive Them All, an album that received regional and national acclaim from both press and radio alike.

Equipped with a punishing and raw live set, 18 Wheels of Justice attacks with a hard hitting and aggressive energy. The band has just completed an east coast summer tour promoting their new material. Come catch a show, pick up the new album and see for yourself.